Solar Energy (Thermal, Photo Voltaic)

AYO Energy helps home owners, businesses and governments to save money by integrating solar energy systems.  Solar panel and system cost have reduced significantly over the last few years while the cost of electricity is going up every year.  Solar energy allows you to generate electricity and heat to meet your needs and go beyond to generate revenue by selling power to utility.


We start with an assessment which will include energy modeling and solar system design using programs such as Homo or RetScreen. The design will be used as the basis for developing a business case for installing solar systems in your building. We would source the appropriate products at the best prices and ensure the system has the required warranty and secure the permits and agreements with the utility.


AYO Energy will if needed finance the project and work with the customer to pay the finance through the savings achieved.  We will either arrange third party finance or will do it our self.


AYO will work with approved installers to install and commission the system and set up service and monitoring contracts with the customer.