Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Domestic Hot Water (DHC)

AYO is partnered with blutree to market an innovative integrated HVAC and Hot Water system that can reduce the energy consumption to heat and cool a buildings by 50 to 70%.

blutree system is a new approach to creating and controlling micro climates that requires minimum energy to heat and cool buildings. The system captures the heat of the exhaust air while bring in fresh air continuously to create a healthy fresh indoor environment.

The technology is a new approach which uses displacement ventilation to create a micro climate by pushing air at the lower level and pulling air at a higher level. The micro climate is stabilised and sustained by continuously moving low-velocity air at the required temperature and humidity as determined by the set point and the temperature difference between inside outside of the building.

By controlling the amount of air and the velocity of the air being circulated, we are able to create a micro climate that acts like a bubble to minimize the waste due to heat lost either by convection or radiation. The incoming air temperature and amount of air are controlled precisely to sustain the micro climate within each room in a building.

The system provides clean fresh air by moving the air continuously and mixing the right amount of outside air to maintain the right oxygen content and by filtering for and odor the particulate.  The system can be designed to customize individual customer preference on temperature, humidity and air quality. The movement of air at very slow speed and the creation of stable micro climates eliminates hot or cold spots and drafts that is experience in buildings today. We have an option to include filters for eliminating air-borne bacteria and spores.

The system utilizes the energy source that is available to the customer for heating and cooling for your best economic advantage, and this could be electric elements, heat pump in the case of heating and cooling or natural gas furnace.  We take an integrated approach to capture the waste heat, from waste, water, sewer, appliances and use the hot water tank as an energy storage media.

The system requires minimum maintenance as it does not require annual servicing. It is also very much quieter than the furnace or air conditioner.

The cost of the system is similar to ducted furnaces, heat pump and central air conditioning but the energy input is very much less and the quality of air is superior to conventional system .