Energy Management and Monitoring

You can’t control what you don’t measure.

AYO can assist you by creating a sub-metering plan for current and future energy management action initiatives. AYO will help you to control the rising energy costs and increase property profitability by implement the appropriate Energy Monitoring Solution.

AYO will source the right system that makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of energy management systems, calculate potential cost savings and have the flexibility to bill tenants for the energy they use. The system we implement will allow you to understand where and how energy is used in your building.  We do this by installing the most reliable multi-point metering systems that the industry can provide. Our systems is based on wireless network that allows you to access data from anywhere through internet cloud service.

With our energy monitoring system in place you will be able to:

    • See immediate saving from 15 to 20% by managing your energy use
    •  Allocate energy cost easily and fairly to tenants
    • View and analyze real time energy use on a display as well as on your smart phones and tablets.
    • Take advantage of load shifting and peak shaving to minimize the impact of  time-of-use billing
    • Leverage opportunities around carbon credit and net metering
    • Identify the biggest opportunities for retrofits and verify the savings in real time
    • Validate warranty through real data