Energy Assessment & Proposal

AYO’s building energy planning cycle begins by evaluating current energy use to create a baseline, usually including energy from electricity, heating, cooling and hot water. Through consultation with the owner, operator and users, and a review of current utility bills, we help to establish energy goals, targets and a roadmap of actions with quantifiable outcomes. The various components of this process are identified below.


A rapid survey or high level assessment of energy use baseline, inventory of resources and identification of opportunities with rough order of estimation of both capital expenses and possible returns. The scoping audit allows our customers to identify and prioritize potential projects.


This would include extracting data from the building management system and utility bills to analyse energy usage patterns for different building components. This may include installing sub meters to extract data and monitor real-time energy consumption to fine tune the analysis and for developing appropriate solutions.


Based on the above assessment AYO will perform a detailed techno economic analysis of the options that results in an actionable energy plan. This will include an energy efficiency and renewable energy technology scan for the most feasible options. It also includes financial and operational cost-estimates for the technologies under consideration.


AYO may also conduct a broader feasibility study to assess the technical, socio-economic and environmental feasibility of the technologies under consideration. A feasibility study estimates economic indicators including capital and operating costs, savings compared to the status quo, payback period, internal rate of return, and net present value. It also includes a technical evaluation to determine if the technologies can match the energy demand, outline the potential interconnection requirements, and consider other applicable requirements. Environmental and social considerations are assessed, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, clean indoor air, productivity and comfort for building occupants.


Based on the above assessments and feasibility study AYO will develop and present a proposal for the best solution, based on the goals and objectives identified by the client.

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