Business Plan & Implementation


Based on the results of the feasibility study, AYO will develop a business plan and proposal that outlines the project opportunity for the building owners and investors. It will also discuss the benefits and any risks associated with the project. AYO will work with the client to find the best financial structure to develop the projects and to find appropriate investors, if necessary.


We have in-house expertise in project financing allowing us to bring investors and banks to raise investment and debt to finance the project based on projected cash flows. AYO will also work with clients to assess the opportunities and reduce capital investment through external grants, utility rebates, and tax credits and accelerated deductions which can improve the project’s return on investment and profitability.


AYO can further support project implementation by managing the engineering and construction contracts for the building owner. We have access to experienced project managers that can work with multiple contractors to deliver projects on time within budget, and with minimum disruption to the operation of the facilities. We also help with validating the energy savings and monitoring long-term performance.

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